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Outcomes Assessment

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The Importance of Agency in Improving Student Learning | Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

In assessment, we often speak of continuous improvement. Our accrediting bodies laud the importance of always working to move the needle in a...

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College of the Desert: eLumenation

Mapping for Life: College of the Desert at eLumenation

Join College of the Desert's Corbyn Wild and Kristie Camacho, Professors & SLO Coordinators (yes, both!), in their eLumenation session, Mapping for...

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Evolving Assessment Processes | Ridgewater College at eLumenation

Ridgewater College has changed how they implement outcomes assessment at their institution. In this session, learn more about what changed and the...

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The Road to 100% Assessment Completion | Moorpark College

Over the course of three years, Moorpark College implemented eLumen and now has a high participation rate on campus, with 99-100% completion of...

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