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Leveraging Insights in academic programs with specialized accreditation needs

Nursing programs are under increasing pressure to provide quality education and meet national professional standards by demonstrating student learning outcome achievement. To ensure quality, many nursing programs have looked for innovative continuous improvement solutions like Insights for Canvas Outcomes

Insights for Canvas Outcomes is a powerful assessment platform designed for programs to effectively manage their continuous improvement process. 



This comprehensive tool empowers programs to define and align their program outcomes with their goals and objectives - all within their Canvas LMS. 


With features supporting learning outcome management, curriculum mapping, assessment planning, juried assessment, and data analytics, Insights supports the management of program review and assessment practices, from planning to reporting. 


With Insights, course-embedded assessments can be created proactively to accurately measure student performance across courses, programs, and terms. Faculty and program coordinators can transparently access real-time, longitudinal, and consumable data to reflect and improve upon, naturally creating engagement in the quality enhancement process.

Insights for Canvas Outcomes offers numerous benefits for nursing programs and other specialized academic programs.


First and foremost, it enables programs to continuously improve their assessment practices and demonstrate student learning outcomes for professional program accreditation. Insights also provides a better understanding of the overall nursing curriculum and student readiness for clinical practicums and the NCLEX. This information is critical for ensuring that nursing programs provide a quality education that meets professional standards and prepares students for their careers.

Insights for Canvas Outcomes is designed to manage all of this in a one-stop shop in Canvas, providing an integrated and sustainable model, saving time and resources while providing a comprehensive assessment solution. Specialized programs and technical colleges can now focus on educating their students and preparing them for their careers, while Insights for Canvas Outcomes supports a comprehensive approach to  assessment and accreditation processes.

Learn more about how Insights is supporting specialized programs in our webinar on May 26th, 2023.