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Delivering Continuous Improvement with eLumen


Delivering Continuous Improvement with eLumen

As the 2020-21 academic year approaches, colleges and universities face critical decisions on how to deliver top-notch services to their students and faculty, while navigating massive budget cuts and other limitations of resources.

However, the desire to aim for continuous improvement and student success—while saving time and resources—might seem daunting in the face of unprecedented changes. Partnering with eLumen allows you to streamline processes and set up your institution for success this year and for years to come. 

eLumen offers several professional services designed to gauge the health of current systems, increase the efficiency of existing solutions, discuss additional platform upgrades, and provide a partner to help you improve performance while saving time and resources.

Top eLumen services include: 

  • Health check. How is your institution using eLumen? A health check will deliver a comprehensive and in-depth review designed to help see the value you’re getting from eLumen modules, while also highlighting opportunities to further provide solutions to your needs. 
  • Next-generation Canvas training. Get the most out of your integration with Canvas by making it easier for your faculty to assess students. eLumen’s increased ability to not only integrate the outcomes with Canvas, but also assessments, and import the rubric to and from eLumen with the Data Steward functionality, makes it easier for faculty to do what they really want to do—teach. Training is available to help refresh the already available Canvas functionality in the system, as well as the new NextGen Canvas Training to assist your campus. 
  • Data services. From implementation and beyond, the eLumen team is ready to provide expert technology solutions to help support your data and content needs by giving you the tools to succeed while ensuring you get the most out of your eLumen solution. 
  • Custom services. Need assistance addressing challenges that are unique to your college or university? eLumen can help your institution reach specific goals and help you promote student success, improve programs and processes while optimizing learning resources.

No matter what obstacle you face or the solution you need, eLumen has an entire menu of professional services designed to help your institution begin increasing student success and satisfaction and start the process of succeeding on purpose.