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Assessment in an online world


Assessment in an online world

In the face of monumental changes across higher education, colleges and universities are tasked with navigating an evolving new reality and maintaining standards of assessment and online delivery.

The transition to online delivery will bring countless opportunities and challenges. Still, one thing remains the same for colleges and universities–a continued focus on the core practices and principles of assessment and LMS delivery.

However, for many schools, this might seem like “one more thing” stacked on top of a wall of other needs and concerns as the academic year approaches. But what if proper assessment and evidence of learning for students and faculty in the online space didn’t add more work to faculty, but instead became an opportunity for success across the institution? What if you could make assessment work for you, helping reduce the load on faculty while also gathering performance data you need of assessment, accreditation, and program review?

For institutions keeping assessment and evidence of student learning at the forefront of their planning for the coming year, a few things stand out as “must-haves.”

These include:

  • Providing longitudinal data for tracking student and course progress
  • Ensuring alignment with outcomes–student, course, program, and institutional
  • Keep processes simple for faculty and making it easy to assess directly through the LMS

Aaron J. Voelcker, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Library & Learning Support Services at Santiago Canyon College, has led his institution through the realities of assessment and online delivery.

He says, “We’ve been largely successful in transitioning our courses to online asynchronous and remote synchronous modalities and know that partnering with eLumen, in particular because of improved LMS integrations, will ensure faculty can continue to conduct meaningful assessments of student learning in an online world.”

eLumen is ready to partner with your institution and set you up for intentional and successful online delivery for not only this year but for years to come. Learn more about how we can help your institution.