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Guided Pathways – Concept to Reality


Guided Pathways – Concept to Reality

Students are empowered by information. Knowing where they want to go—and how to get there—is fundamental to student success in higher education. For institutions considering Guided Pathways, and those who have recently redesigned their program, partnering with eLumen helps ensure students are equipped with critical information that translates to academic success.

What should you look for in a Guided Pathways solution?

Colleges and universities who leverage Guided Pathways in their institutions provide students with the best view of their academic development. Students can track their learning progress and plan an individualized path through educational programs. When looking for a Guided Pathway solution, there are a few key “must-have” features.

  • Education Planner. Give your students the flexibility—and a visual map—to help them plot their academic journey. This will help them visualize the time it will take to complete their program and help them understand the requirements better. 
  • ePortfolio. ePortfolios integrate seamlessly with assessment processes in a student’s day-to-day academic activities, making this feature an essential tool for formative and reflecting learning opportunities.
  • Extended Transcript. Students can access a snapshot of all their courses and contribute to their achievement in their program, connecting real in-course learning with badges and credentialing. 

Why should you consider partnering with eLumen for your Guided Pathways?

eLumen’s Guided Pathways platform provides educational plans based on Course and Competency-Based Pathways, ePortfolio assessment and self-discovery, Badge Scorecards, and Extended Transcript—giving you the information students need, assessment-by-assessment, through their journey. 

When students get stuck or aren’t sure what class to take next, Guided Pathways helps them avoid taking courses that aren’t relevant to their goals. To this end, schools can integrate student service delivery with eLumen’s Directed Learning Activities. From Advisor to Faculty to Mentor, eLumen’s Student Success Suite engages students like no other platform—and it integrates seamlessly with your LMS and SIS to ensure continuous touchpoints and analytics are always available. 

eLumen’s integration with Emsi makes integrated labor market data and comparable program data easily accessible in your curriculum and assessment platform, keeping your programs aligned to a rapidly changing workforce and enables students to visualize their pathways to successful careers.

Is eLumen’s Guided Pathway module right for me?

Whether you have spent the last 12-24 months implementing Guided Pathways or you’re just starting to have those conversations, eLumen has services and a platform to help make Guided Pathways a reality for your institution.

 Some additional eLumen platform highlights include: 

  • BadgrPro Integration
  • Assessment capabilities in Canvas
  • Ability to integrate “recommended sequences” in our Curriculum module
  • Curriculum to Ed Plan integration (including outcomes attainment)

With eLumen, colleges and universities can create a culture of Student Success through Guided Pathways. Are you ready to take your Guided Pathways from concept to reality and begin Succeeding on Purpose?