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Great learning starts with great curriculum management


Great learning starts with great curriculum management

Too often, the curriculum management system at a higher ed institution is siloed from the rest of the organization’s tools for assessment and catalog. What if there was a truly, natively integrated curriculum and assessment system that could help your institution begin succeeding on purpose?

eLumen knows how important curriculum is to every higher education institution. That’s why curriculum lies at the center of our learning platform. Course learning outcomes and academic program design come to life in eLumen by connecting key data you need to design effective curriculum. 

This includes workforce data, program data, assessment and strategic initiative data–all of which empowers your faculty to make curriculum the heart of your academic operating system. We believe this is where real continuous improvement begins. When you partner with eLumen, you can start with curriculum and close the loop with assessment and other data that shows you what’s performing—and why. 

Some of the tools you’ll find in eLumen’s curriculum management system for higher ed: 

  • Workflow. Make your curriculum building process fully visible, accurate, and collaborative across your institution with eLumen’s customizable workflows.
  • Complex Curriculum. Supports multiple credit calculation rules and multiple transfer curriculum mapping.
  • Curriculum map. Curriculum mapping comes alive in eLumen, providing a framework for the entire teaching and learning process.
  • Reporting. Robust reporting tools create a clear picture of achievement
  • It all flows to Catalog. eLumen’s Catalog supports both traditional catalog presentation as well as district and state views of approved curriculum. With our role-based workflows and preview functionality, we make it easy to flow approved courses and programs for your academic calendar year into Catalog.

eLumen’s full platform allows institutions to consolidate systems and streamline their curriculum, assessment, and catalog functions into a single, integrated solution that bolsters institutional effectiveness and allows both faculty and students to see where they’ve been and where they’re headed in their educational journey.

Are you ready to begin succeeding on purpose?