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National Assessment Week: Day 3

National Assessment Week: Day 3

Join us in celebrating the power of assessment during National Assessment Week! The first week in April brings a lineup of exciting events across the country, all centered around a unified theme.

For Day 3 of National Assessment Week, check out this throwback webinar presented by by our partner institution, Hartnell College:


In this webinar, Hartnell College will explore themes for employing equity-minded teaching practices in the learning environment for different abilities, ethnicities, and age groups.

We will focus on 5 practices presented by Dr. Frank Harris and Dr. Luke Wood (coralearning.org) adapted and recently updated by the Hartnell Student Success & Equity Committee into a rubric for self-reflection. We will briefly visit all 5 of the dimensions. In particular, we will explore specific examples for each dimension of Hartnell College's rubric. 

Senorina Vazquez, Chair of Student Success & Equity Committee, Hartnell College
Janet Flores, Professor of Foreign Languages, Hartnell College
Rachel Dwiggins-Beeler, Director of Marketing and Communication, eLumen

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